Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Like a slushee in the face.

Or why you haven't gotten your GleeCap. 

You guys are so nice to me, asking me to write things. But I have to tell you that halfway through last week's episode of Glee I turned it off. I couldn't even begin to spend the precious few hours I had for television viewing last week on that TERRIBLE episode. So I stopped it and then watched Raising Hope which was also TERRIBLE. Then I watched New Girl, and that was delightful, so the evening ended on a high note. I haven't had time or motivation to go back and finish the episode, and I am not entirely sure I am going to watch the episode I DVR'ed tonight whilst out pub quizzing with friends, despite the fact that the Trouble Tones are doing an Adele mashup. I think I'm over Glee, we'll have to see. But truth be told, the next thing I have to watch is the Traffic DVD I've had from Netflix since October 14. (Hands down the longest elapsed time of having a DVD from Netflix, and I am including my month in Africa last spring.)

Anyone want a recap on Traffic?

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whitney allison said...

I tried to start Glee again this season...and last week's episode was where it ended AGAIN for me too. I mean it this time. I'm done.

New Girl is GREAT! I love it. Such a girlie indulgence but it makes me laugh every single time!