Saturday, November 26, 2011

Do you need a monkey?

Sure, we all do!*

My mother found a classified ad today, that was beautifully written and punctuated - and then emailed it to me. I thought I should pass it on, in case anyone is interested in buying a monkey. Just think of the cute little outfits you could humiliate it in.

"hi, do you need a Well trained , tamed and beautiful baby c.a.p.u.c.h.i.n monkey? you are at the right place. our pet c.a.p.u.c.h.i.n monkey is blood screened and come with all her health papers, health guarantee , toys and care detectives. She is friendly, lovely and easily associate with other pets we just relocated to a new apartment which does not permit us to keep animals so we are looking for a good home to take care of our baby girl.. She like outings and she is very intelligent and respectful. She will adapt to new environment easily and to climate." 

I am apparently not familiar enough with the capuchin monkey, because I didn't even know their name was an acronym.** Maybe it stands for Cheeky And Problematic Unclean Creatures wHom Idiots owN? Just a guess.

*Do you remember those Sally Struthers commercials for the correspondence courses--"Do you want to make more money? Sure we all do!" Seriously, those were so obnoxious. 
**NOT an acronym


Michael and Natalie said...

What do you think they mean by care detectives?

joojierose said...

ohhhh yes those commercials! always saw them with the morning price is right. my bro and i were serial bob barker fans from ages 5-12ish. those and devry commercials. and larry h. parker, this total bob loblaw-type lawyer (totally think this is where they riffed his commercial from) - but that was only in southern california i think... anyway SURE WE ALL DO.