Wednesday, November 2, 2011

GleeCap: Pot of Gold

So, after three weeks off, Glee is back, (I had to watch it today after work because of super fun playtime last night. So sorry for the delay,) and it was kind of a non-event. I've decided that three non-events are going to equal a strike. So this is two in a row. Be warned Glee, because when I get bored I don't hang out.

As awesome as a note taped in a locker that says, "Lord Tubbington thinks you’re purrrrfect.":
 - Brittany is on the cover of American Cheerleader, and it is taped up in her locker. I totally buy it. +5 
 - There's some fresh-faced Irish kid thrown in and makes Finn look like a man of his own age. I'm ok with new blood coming in, but must we have this Kurt redux? Although his adoration of Brittany is so totally charming. "I really want to snog her. I'm still a virgin." +3
 - Kurt is wearing head to toe neutral tweed and a trilby. He looks like Dr. Doolittle circa Rex Harrison. Delightful. +6
 - Sue telling Burt that she "thought [she] smelled a baboon heart," absolutely reminded me of Untamed Heart, and it was a pleasant trip down memory lane with Rosie Perez, Marissa Tomei, and Christian Slater.  +2
 - "Leprechaun starring a young Jen Aniston is my favorite movie." While I don't believe it, I think it is funny. +3
 - Let's talk about the Troubletones. Is this our first foray into Xtina on the show? I like it. +12 Also, as idiotic as the idea of this second Glee club is, I am totally amenable to the fact that Santana and Mercedes will be singing more. It's like a triumvirate of awesome. +4

That is not a lot of positives. Wow.

As infuriating as this Quinn-Idina Menzel story line:
 - Sue's corner calls West Side Story gay. This show is obviously very concerned with preaching to obliterate homophobia, but they seem more than content in perpetuating stereotypes and using "gay" in an inflammatory way.  Both are screamed much too loudly and are obnoxious. -5
 - The whole budget for the school's musical is $2004? The cost to produce the Umbrella/Singing in the Rain mash up with GP last season probably cost 5 times that much to produce with all that fake rain and umbrellas breaking all over the place. And high school musicals cost more than $2000 produce. Shoot, how much do you have to pay to lease the rights? -12
- A crematorium that delivers "delicious brick oven pizza" and an undertaker who loves West Side Story because there are so many deaths in it? Just because people work with dead people they are creepy? -4
 - Finn is too stupid to try to concoct schemes. He should just stop because I am bored. -2 Then he calls Brittany an idiot, well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black. No points, I'm just saying.
 - They have an Irish exchange student pretend to be a leprechaun and then whilst wearing green sing Kermit's song? This reminds me of the other vomit-inducing literal and cheesy interpretations, like that song from Sunset Blvd. and Blackbird - both performed by Kurt. Ay yi yi. Unbearable. -15
- Quinn needs to cease and desist. The whole, I'm imperfect and will thus live vicariously through my child and put on a whole heap of issues on this child by requiring it to fill roles that are completely inappropriate. Just because you're trying to create drama doesn't mean you need to be so irresponsible with it. uft. -10
 - And speaking of Beth, why does she sleep in a playpen? Come on Idina Menzel. - 2
 - Blaine is apparently the go-to guy for Katy Perry songs. Oh, what a terrible song, and how is it appropriate for the sentiment of missing Mercedes or trying to get over the stressful week? -4
 - Puck, your hair. My friend, it is getting T E R R I B L E.  No points, I'm just trying to let you know.
 - Where are these mullets coming from? JUST STOP RIGHT NOW. -15
 - And why is everyone at this school so mean? Life will imitate "art" (Glee is far from artistic, but go with me on this) so maybe conflict could come from other places than bullying? -15
 - Now for some continuity, the Troubletones. Mercedes says that the sectionals trophy is as good as theirs. Do they not remember the trouble New Directions were about to be in when they had fewer than twelve members in their glee club? I am someone who has seen each of these episodes once, I am quite sure I've dedicated less brain space to this show than, say, the writers and producers. Put in a little effort here. -18


Woah -67. It is not looking good, New Directions. Let's rally to be more entertaining next week!

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Meghan, Carson and the Kiddos said...

Hey Molly, I bet you didn't know that I regularly visit your blog! And I have to say that the highlights of my visits are definitely your Glee Caps. I too am on shaky ground with Glee after being a dedicated fan and sticking with them since the beginning. I'm just having trouble suspending my belief any further. Anyway, great job with your Glee Caps, they crack me up! I can't wait to hear what you have to say about this weeks ep! Later!