Monday, June 20, 2011

weirdo masks and transgendered mannequins.

I have checked Fashionista on a daily basis for years. They are generally super witty and delightful, but today's post about Rachel Comey's lookbook for this year's resort season totally made my day. They shared 20 images that are all crazier than the last. From purses made out of muppets to models staring longingly into a bowling ball or holding a severed prosthetic hand, to ruining a perfectly good polka dot dress with a matching polka dot kidnapping sack to put over your head, it is just straight up crazy.
But what REALLY got me was the masks that were featured in two of the shots. 
 They at first reminded me of those Richard Nixon masks everyone* uses in bank robberies. (How many felonies can I rattle off in this blog post?) Then, the eye makeup and hair reminded me of Jem - as in and the Holograms. I think what then came to mind is the most accurate of correlations. (Thank you brain for forming neurological connections and then firing to help me remember such a delightful image.) Remember when I was in Zambia last year and found the transgendered mannequin? No? Let me refresh your memory. 
Now, I'm not sure what his situation in life was, but clearly that beard is drawn on, just like that sunflower beard in kooky old Rachel Comey's lookbook. Does he remind anyone else of Ricky from "My So-Called Life?"

*Clearly I'm prone to hyperbole. Not "everyone" robs banks.


Melinda said...

I was totally thinking Ricky too! I was trying to show John the dance he does to "What is Love" just recently.

Shlee said...

I would love to meet this transgendered mannequin and ask him/her some life questions (you know at nighttime when mannequins come alive in stores just like in the rave movie Mannequin starring Andrew McCarthy).