Monday, June 27, 2011

Found: Avoid the Clap, Jimmy Dugan.

 This afternoon I had the opportunity to go to my mom's school and help her clean out her classroom, as she retired at the end of this year. (YEA, MOM!) I was mostly given the chore of hauling things to donate to SCRAP or DI out to the car, but I was able to offer some help "sorting" files into the recycling bin. I came across this little leaflet on STDs from the early 80s that I felt was so funny.

My favorite part? "Coming in April: Sex and the Handicapped." Not that that it is funny, it's just the biggest print on the page. And my head read it as an overly-enthusiastic radio announcer. Although, maybe I should temper that and try to read it as though they are presenting it as, "this week on a very special episode of 'Blossom'."

But my curiosity is piqued. I really want to know what that leaflet for high school sex ed students in the early 80s would have read like.

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