Thursday, December 17, 2009

Girls With Low Self-Esteem.

I haven't been to a pub quiz since Becky****, Shara and I DOMINATED at the Office Trivia night. That night we won a gift certificate to the place where the pub quiz was held, and have been trying to get back to spend it for some time, but various things have hindered that plan of action. Last night, the hindrance was the fact that the pub quiz was canceled at that bar. The night we could all get together, of course, it was canceled. So, we ended up going to the old pub quiz location, Thirsty Lion, which is not my favorite quiz set up. It ends up taking a SUPER long time, and is generally really rough because it has themes like pirates, alcohol, presidents, etc, and we are never prepared because we don't know the theme before we go.
Last night's theme was Christmas, a theme all six of us "Girls with Low Self-Esteem" were pretty comfortable with. I don't want to brag, so I'll just say, we did better than we had anticipated, and got third place (out of 25 teams!) and took home a prize of $62, (Shoot. That was bragging wasn't it?) despite the fact that the Christmas carol/drawing-out-of-a-hat-gods were out to spite us!*

*A note to my fellow Girls with Low Self-Esteem, the lyrics that guy had as the first verse of O Christmas Tree belong the fourth verse** according to multiple websites. I'm glad that we chose to use the lyrics anyway. Who knows those lyrics?

**Yes, Annie, Adriana, Shara and I sang this song in front of the whole bar, and it was funny-awkward because the timing gets a little mickey-moused around along the sixth line there...
"O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
How are thy leaves so verdant***!
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
How are thy leaves so verdant!
Not only in the summertime,
But even in winter is thy prime.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
How are thy leaves so verdant!

***Really? Verdant over and over again? OK, you kooky Germans.

****Last night Becky said a few very funny things, one of which I responded to with, "If you keep that up, I'll talk about this on my blog." But of course as I'm typing this 24 hours later, my mind is a complete B L A N K as to what she said. Becky, be a lamb and leave a comment about how funny you are. :)

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