Monday, December 14, 2009


I am not in my hip hop class right now. Last Monday was the last night, and I'm kind of bummed about it. Let me start off by saying it was a community center class, so there were all sorts of suburban-ites in it. Lots of middle-aged women who made me feel not so bad about my own lack of coordination. The class left me either entirely confused and feeling awkward, (4 body rolls in a row? are you kidding me?) or completely bored - there was no middle ground. But truly, I am not a hip-hopper. One time, our aged 40+ teacher pointed out that Shara, Becky and I were all a little too "Fame" with our moves. Speaking strictly for myself, I am definitely more inclined to jazz hands than any other bodily movement. Actually, when thinking about how I actually dance, it is pretty much perfectly captured in these two clips:

And how awesome is this imageI stole, without permission from Jooj? Maybe someday, I'll dance like them.


deanna said...

shake your booty!

julianne rose said...

no seriously and the fact that they're thousands of years old just makes them that much more endearing. i really am in love with those little creatures: i wish you could see their side view. i'm just sayin'

and i'm SO flattered you posted my pic on your blog. are you kidding? i feel like a star.