Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A few things before I sleep:

1. I've been looking at tables recently, looking for a little bit o' inspiration. I found this table and kind of fell in awe.

2. I've never been a particular fan of Jennifer Garner, except I think she's a cute girl. I'm kind of loving her in Chanel in the shoot for W. I love how the hair and the skirt are the same shape, and that they used cardboard and pins instead of a fan. Gold star for ingenuity!!!

3. I love Glee. That is all.

4. My dear friend Sara is currently fighting a good fight. I just read the peanut-authored-angry-blog-post and giggled hysterically and shook my head at her ignorance. Just wanted to say that I love you, and am so proud of your enthusiasm and gumption, despite Texans - who are apparently pretty good shots, claiming that Susan B. Anthony was primarily active in the twentieth century - write angry and what we will call not at all accurate blog posts where they quote you and post a picture of you. (Person I've never met, Susan B. retired in 1900. I forgot that 1868 counts as twentieth century.) (There I go, making fun of someone I've never met come more angry emails.) And Sara, I would love to meet you on the top of the Empire State Building, or anywhere else, for that matter, any time. :) (How about the house with all of the mannequins??) Loves. Loves. Loves.


sara said...

thanks for the shout-out, mollster. isn't that post RE-DICK-YOU-LUSS?! (about as ridiculous as that word looks, am i right?!) anyways. glad you read it. but i'm sad it was written. kinda nice (read: NOT NICE) having my photo all huge on it. ugh. love you. good night.

sara said...
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A Cuban In London said...

Hey, that's a very cute table! :-)

Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

julianne rose said...

"Example. The vast majority of my weekends in Junior High and High School here spent here:

[picture which looks like an east german watch-station]

At a local gun range on the North side of Houston, Texas."

i died.

no no i don't mean to make fun. but ah! how we all set ourselves up for it. when you say things like the following, how can i not?:

"That brings us to the question: what are feminists fighting for these days? We have the right to vote. We have the right to education. We have the right to abort unborn children. We have the right to have multiple sexual partners. We have the right to dissolve unwanted marriages. We have the right to own property. We have the right to a career. We have the right to hold city, county, state, and national office. We have the right to travel. We have the right to read, to write, to tweet. What else do you want?
…. oh, right. You want men to treat you like equals. But you still insist they hold the door for you. You want English to become a gender-neutral language. But you still insist on using the “she” pronoun instead of a vague “they.” You want to run with the big boys. But you still insist on wearing stilettos to work."

(p.s. didn't she answer this herself earlier in the post by bringing up the very real fact that women around the world are abused? but that doesn't count as a feminist cause? because feminism is "just western"? oh heavens! has this girl met women from those countries?! ok ok i really need to stop.)

julianne rose said...

oh, and "Mormons didn’t want to be tarred and feathered, so they moved to Mexico."

wait, what about utah? hehehe oh it's all too much.

sara said...

jooj, you're killing me!