Friday, November 20, 2009

One of these days I'll blog maybe?

So, I've been a little hesitant to post the blogs on my mental to-blog-list because I've recently been bombarded with a bunch* of random commenters/email respondents, some of them have been hard core crazy - not unlike our old friend Hawkeye Rachel. Sure, some of the people who have emailed me were mentioned on my blog, and apparently have a bone to pick with me, like I'm Hedda Hopper or something. But some have not. I'm not sure how these new friends are finding my blog, but it made me not post about my run in with Gumby at Lola's Room last Friday night, lest Gumby google him/herself and then feel like I was mis-representing them and the integrity of their costume at 80's night. (Chuck Norris** was also there, and for a brief moment I was concerned that the universe would implode because they were in the same room together.) (Nice comments and emails, and non-nice from people I know, are always welcome.)

Also, my little laptop died. It has been geriatric for a while (why yes, it is the same 12 inch beauty I bought in 2004, and had recently contracted narcolepsy (do you contract narcolepsy? develop maybe?) where it would yawn briefly before quickly falling asleep. Tonight, it gave up the ghost. It is making a terrible angry beeping noise every time I try to turn it on - apparently it has had enough moments posing as Lazarus. Even though I was anticipating the loss, it still smarts something fierce. Sure I've been through three operating systems, two hard drives, four batteries and two plugs, I loved my computer. The sad news is, I have to buy this as soon as possible, potentially changing my plans for Africa...I was making MAJOR progress on a project, and I need a computer. SHOOT!

*Ok, maybe just a few, but enough all the same.

**Not THE duster-wearing Chuck Norris, but he sure does throw down an awe-inspiring roundhouse!


deanna said...

I don't know what just happened in your blog post, but I like you (in a total non lesbian sort of way, of course)

lulu123 said...

i think you develop narcolepsy. i don't think it's contagious. but wouldn't it be hilarious if it were? truly amazing.