Thursday, October 25, 2007

To Hawkeye Rachel:

This is Rachel. I don't know Rachel, but in a previous blog on MySpace I definitely named her in my "A List Of People I Hate Because of Their Flixster Reviews." I don't know if this profile picture was put up specifically to scare me, or if she just likes to appear as the rough and ready 20 year old from Dubuque, Iowa she is. Wait, she's from Iowa, this is her "Hawkeye" look.

She found my blog on MySpace today, presumably by searching for her own name, and left the comment, "
Excuse me, but I have to inquire what it is you hate so much about my Flixster reviews." This is a good question, one that I cannot exactly remember the answer to. I decided I hated her on August 7 - that's like decades ago. But, I made that list based on people who were completely stupid in their reviews, i.e. they have bad taste, they cannot express themselves intelligibly, whatever. So, Rachel, I said I hate you because you have bad taste. That's all. Nothing to give the old Hawkeye about.

Now, in doing some research, aka talking to one of my friends on gchat about you and my friend googling you, we found out that you made the Dean's list. Way to go, Rachel! But you know, non-acquaintance, dean's list doesn't equate to having good taste. So keep on studying and being a member of CLEAN (Clarke Leads Environmental Action Now). I appreciate that, even though On August 7, I said I hated you.

As a side note, today my mother referred to me as "caustic". I have no idea what she's talking about.


Britt said...

Wow. The picture really adds to the story.

beckie said...

reading your blog is like being near you. I like it and come often.

hawkeye could use a little makeup too. hmmmm

julianne rose said...