Monday, November 30, 2009

Currently Obsessing Over:

An Education.

More specifically, Rosamund Pike in An Education.

Also, the soundtrack is delightful! And Peter Sarsgaard is so good at playing the creepers. (I can think of one role that wasn't creepy and that was Shattered Glass. Can you think of any others? He seems like such a cool guy, alas...)


Melinda said...

I want to see this movie. Badly.

Pa said...

this last picture is in oxford, oui? in queens' lane? i'm almost positive i recognize those stones and pipes. i'm ridiculous.

Pa said...

(ok so i'm on my dad's computer at his hotel, but this is me, julianne, the only person who would recognize a stone wall as oxford.)

lulu123 said...

peter skarsgaard is such a creeper mccreepster pants. it's kind of sad actually, how well he plays those characters.