Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some Funnies:

At the Silversun Pickups show a couple of weeks ago, I saw Sex's doppelganger. He kind of made my day.

At the same show was a guy doing tai chi to Cage The Elephant's set and, a couple I tried to get a picture of to prove their weirdness, but this was the best I could do without being very obvious...

Why yes, they were at the show together, that old man and the young hipster girl, they were sharing a blanket and talking to each other. So awkward.

This might be the most terrifying image I've ever seen. I handle it every now and again and it ALWAYS freaks me out. Something about clowns asking how I'm doing just screams slasher movie about to happen.

One of my mother's old students turned this in on a poster board. Wow. I had no idea. The theory of Pangea has been completely reworked.


Britt said...

that last one is killing me. i love how alaska looks like an infant's fist.

Melinda said...

Maybe I should use that on one of my science test. It'll be a true/false question.

Melinda said...

That last picture.