Saturday, September 26, 2009

Do it for the kids!

This morning, Adrianna and I went to Portland Saturday Market, among various other Portland locales. While we were leaving the market a girl stops us, introduces herself as April and shakes our hands.

"Are you guys from around here?"

Thinking that it would get us out of whatever she wanted to talk to us about, answered negatively and then straight up lied about both of us. "She's from Detroit, and I'm from Louisiana."

April then told us about her sponsorship program, while we were trying to edge away without being too rude, and when she showed us the list of countries the kids live in, I said, "I'm going to Zambia in April!"

"What are you doing there?" As she high fived me.

"You know, saving some kids."

At which point Adrianna says, "the same thing you're doing."

April then gets out a form for us to put our credit card information in. She says, "if you guys donate and put my sales number right there, a child can be in school in 48 hours! Isn't that crazy?"

I, being the jerk I am, replied, "what else is crazy is thinking we're going to give out our credit card information on the street."

"Well, we're the oldest sponsorship program in the world, we're reputable."

Adrianna, very tactfully says, "do you have a website? We'll go there."

Oh April, good luck finding a job that doesn't suck that much.

Adrianna, this is why not to go to the Clinton Street Theater for the Midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show.


lulu123 said...

pay your tithing: same thing only with fewer aprils.

Shlee said...

Adrianna is a smart cookie.