Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Because when don't I blog about television?

I was hanging out with my delightful cousin Julia today and we got to talking about television and she said something like, "you should write a funny tv show." Julia, who is infinitely hip, excessively nice and a kick-ass esthetician to boot, is not the first person to tell me this. But here's the truth, writing for television is a format that intimidates the heck out of me. I am completely uncertain as to how someone can create characters that people want to watch and let into their homes every week. Especially when all of my favorite shows get canceled. But it is something I'm knocking around when I'm not working on this super amazing screenplay I'm presently getting ready to pimp out after cranking out 20 pages one day last week! (Do you want to inspired to write a screenplay, or just watch a super terrific movie? Watch Brick. Holy cow, it is amazing. That Rian Johnson is absolutely terrific - The Brothers Bloom, and Brick...jeepers. I love that he's making movies! I now have a total girl crush on Nora Zehetner, and an even bigger movie star crush on JGL -- how am I still the only person who calls Joseph Gordon-Levitt "JGL"? How about a still from the movie to inspire you to add it to your queue? It is UH-MAZE-ZING!

Remember when I never closed my parenthetical? Well, here...)

So, until I can come up with something that I can pitch, I'll just watch Mad Men and Glee** whilst pretend that my high school existence was one more like those kids, and less like the reality of the bitchy diva with a little bit of talent and very few friends.

**A P.S. for Jooj: Tonight's episode featured the kids doing a very special version of "Push It". I thought of you!


julianne rose said...

aaaaaah push it.

and toni and i totally (finally) got on the mad men train. we rented season 1 and it was glorious.


Melinda said...

We loved Brick too! We originally rented it to see San Clemente, but liked the whole thing. I'll support you on the JGL crush :)