Thursday, May 10, 2012

Remember that time...

So, remember when I would overuse the phrase, "Remember when..." and describe the situation I was in presently? Sometimes people get confused and say things, like, "no. I don't remember that." And I realize that my attempt at humor or sarcasm has been lost.

I received a card a couple of days ago from a bunch of people in my Relief Society. In it was a very specific message saying, "Remember that time with Ana Lee at Voodoo Doughnuts? Ha!"

I read this and had NO IDEA what she was talking about. Not even a glimmer of recognition. Now, this message came from a girl who actively dislikes me and makes no secret of it. I was trying to think of any time she and I were anywhere at the same time that was not our church building. I couldn't do it. My mind was a complete _______.  So now it was my turn to be confused by someone saying, "remember when..." oh Karma, what am I going to do with you?

I have often bemoaned the fact that my brain isn't quite as sharp as it was a few years ago. Ahhh the days when I could memorize all of the countries of Africa in 6th period and then miss only one on the test 7th period (I totally wrote down Uganda twice and forgot to fix the wrong one.) Or the days at BYU when everyone in my student development class hated me because I would always win our classwide memory games. I digress. The point is, I'm not as awesome with memory stuff as I used to be, but the fact that nothing about this was ringing a bell was disturbing me.

So, I immediately took a picture of said message and emailed it to Analee to ask her to remind me about this alleged trip. I have been to Voodoo fewer than 10 times in the 9 years its been open, and if I had gone with this girl, I would totally remember. Right? Right?

Analee calls me later on in the day to say, 'I can't believe you don't remember that trip to Voodoo. It was right after a YSA activity in Vancouver..." This was when I interrupted dear Analee. "Wait. I have never been to a YSA activity in Vancouver. I would never drive that far* to go to a church function."** "I think it was you. We were driving back and [insert super long, but kind of funny story about how this awkward girl who hates me said the doughnut she got was like an orgasm in her mouth here]." "Analee, I would totally have remembered ever being in a car with her. I would remember her saying, 'orgasm'. That was not me."

Analee thought about it for a minute, "oh, I think it was Melanie."

So Melanie, girl I met a couple of times a million years ago, know that there are a few people around these parts who are reminiscing about the fun times you all had together. But unfortunately, they are remembering me there instead of you. 

*Vancouver, WA is not too far to drive to for concerts, shopping, illegal in Oregon fireworks, etc. But a Young Single Adults might as well be on the moon. 
**Irony of ironies, my new calling I told you about, is Regional Young Single Adults activities co-chair. So now, I have to not only go to activities, I have to plan them, and drive to them, even if they are in Vancouver... should. have. said. no. haha. [sad face.]


Nette said...

Oh Molly, I can't believe you got my old calling. How fun it that? (sarcasm) Actually, I really enjoyed it, but I don't miss it. You will be great at it!

Miss you!


Michael and Natalie said...

I'm so honored to be the person who has been to Voodoo with you so many times!!