Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just call me Nelly Dean & Lockwood

So yesterday was the first time in a long while where I was actually able to have a conversation with my dear friend Shara. For the past few weeks we've been leaving each other voice mails, sending word alerts,* a few emails, even a few smoke signals. We talked for an hour and I asked about her boyfriend, and she said, "we broke up. I told you that." "You did? I don't remember that." "Yes, right before my birthday." "When have we talked since your birthday?" "I don't know, but I could have sworn I told you." The exchange went back and forth like this, and then she told me their break up story. 

Later last night, I was talking to our mutual friend Becky and I said, "did you know that Shara and Josh broke up?" And Bex said, "yes, you told me and then I talked to Shara." "I TOLD YOU?!?!" At this point, I was remembering the Voodoo Doughnuts trip that wasn't and wondering if I really did have that experience just like I totally spaced this life event of my friend breaking up with a guy she's been going out with for close to a year. How self-centered am I?**

Perhaps I have Multiple Personality Disorder? Except that both of my personalities are named Molly, and very, very similar. I doubt that's a thing. I'll check the DSM-IV and get back to you.

Whether or not I was in fact at Voodoo (I wasn't.) or whether Shara told me and then I told Becky (this probably happened.) I felt like I should tell you that I am a less reliable narrator than both Nelly Dean and Lockwood from that book that everyone else seems to love except for me, Wuthering Heights. Lest you had any faith in me, know that it is unfounded.

*While I don't really like Girls, or any of the characters on it, I am intrigued by it, at least up to episode 4. But I am totally stealing the phrase "word alert" for a text.***
**Don't answer that. 
***"Girls is awkward, uncomfortable and unapologetic in all the ways being in your early twenties can often be." - Max Greenfield in Goop, and I totally agree.

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