Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Captured on ET

It is shameful, but 100% true that while I sync my phone a few times a week, and update music on him very often, I never, and I mean NEVER import photos from my phone.* If I want to do something with a photo on my phone immediately, I email it to a friend, to myself, whatever. So, I decided that I would import the photos from ET that I haven't yet--all 273 of them.

Here are a few of them from many, many moons ago:

Right before Thanksgiving** I took a couple of my mom's cousins to Tuesday Morning for them to get some holiday themed napkins and a novelty area rug. I found this awesome candlestick with painted shell attached. A perfect (although pointless and unattractive) accent for any room!

And then this section called "Great Gifts for Kids." You know what's not a great gift for a kid? A nutcracker.

Then this picture of a post-it. I often wake up in the middle and jot things down. Like when I was gearing up for a Mad Men trivia night, I was making a list one day of all of the women Don had slept with. I woke up in the middle of the night remembering the one I missed, and wrote "the whore who slapped Don," so I wrote it on the post-it pad next to my bed. Why did I write Time Life Bldg down in the middle of the night? I'm not sure, but I wanted to take a picture of it in case it comes up again.

*I never import photos from my real camera either. It's a problem. I'm working on it.
**It has been longer than that. I suck at life. What can I say?

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