Thursday, May 31, 2012

Please stop doing things that make me seem like a bitch when I respond to you.

I traveled about 350 blocks two weeks ago to attend a regional YSA meeting. At said (superbly boring) meeting, I was asked to give the opening prayer. Then, it was already on the typed beforehand agenda of the meeting that I was to give the closing prayer, so I gave that prayer as well. No big deal. I love to pray.

Tonight we had another meeting with the same group of people. I was again asked to give the opening prayer. Now, I know I have the wrong attitude about a lot of things, and this is probably one of them, 'pray always' and all of that, but I said "no." Then the girl* who asked me to pray said, "awkward" like it was a precisely timed punchline of a TGIF sitcom from 1992. I then said, "I opened and closed our last meeting, someone else can pray." If there were fewer than five people in our meetings, I would gladly pray as often as asked, but there were twelve people there tonight. Twelve and a few more last time. Other people could and did pray.

*We are so not destined to be besties it's ridiculous. 

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