Sunday, October 30, 2011

If you build it...

When I was about six years old, Ray Liotta told me, "If you build it, he will come," and like so many things from such an impressionable age, it stuck with me.

When at the beginning of this month, the AD crew announced that it hoped to make a movie and a mini-series leading up to said movie, I was excited. Years ago when it was canceled and they promised us a movie, my friends and I all decided that we would camp out to buy tickets and dress up like the nerds who go see comic book or Harry Potter movies. I laid my claim on Lindsay, (mostly because I don't think I could pull off running around in blue paint and denim cut-offs). For years they have been stoking the fire, filling us with equal parts of excitement and dread with each announcement (I say dread, because hello Sex and the City movies - yikes.) and now that they are pretty darn sure it is going to happen, I thought I'd better do my part and prepare for it. Power of positive thinking and all that. So for Halloween, I decided to make a shirt that said "slut" on it. And, now when the movie comes out, despite the fact that all of that friend group has scattered to the winds, at least I will have something to wear. (And, every other day of the year - because maybe if I wear it, he will come?)

Although I'm kinda bummed I can't wear it to work tomorrow. What, like "slut" written on a tshirt would be inappropriate at a middle school?