Monday, October 10, 2011

Finding that niche.

One of the things I am most grateful for as I interact with humanity is seeing that people connect with one another. I am especially glad of this considering the more people I come in contact with, the fewer I like, so the more time they spend with each other the less time they will spend bothering me*.  I almost wrote something a little too honest and mean. Phew, I really dodged a bullet there.

My friend Birgitte and I went out to Thai food on Saturday night and had such a fun time, especially since, Thai is something we both can eat. (We could both be subscribers to the ridiculously, but all-too-accurately, titled periodical Living Without.) I digress. She told me about a Salt & Pepper Shaker convention held recently over the river that we missed. Shucks! Apparently, there are activities at this convention like reenacting shakers, and they hand out prizes and post pictures online. I find this fascinating.

 I especially like that Alice is sporting a mustache in the human version.

 I like that there are specialty magazines out there for people who don't eat wheat, dairy or eggs.  And Cat Fancy for that matter. I really like that these conventions take place, and not just because I like to giggle at the pictures on their website, for they are truly giggle-inducing. I like it because humans are connecting with other humans over ├╝ber-specialized interests. People discover that there really is more universality to this existence than we sometimes realize. Which I think is a very valuable thing. And if you get to live out your boyhood dream of being Alice and have tea with a woman willing to dress up as the Mad Hatter, all the better.

*I really do like people. Well, I give it an honest effort.

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Britt said...

after leaving the cat show, joe and i had a long conversation about this. we really want to find a passion and join a group and go to conventions to meet people like us!! but we give too much to school, work and blah to put in the effort. someday :)

or we'll just keep going to cat shows. everyone was so awesome there.