Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Have You Heard: Heart

I have two songs by Heart on my iPod Lucille 2. This makes three. I heard it on the radio the other day, and I was instantly transported to back in the day, and I mean back, like 1987, little Molly watching the Parent Trap sequel. Not the remake, no, the seldom-remembered sequel with Haley Mills as grown up Sharon & Susan. One of them is being set up with Tom Skerritt (who unfortunately for him, is known to me as the dad from Parent Trap II when I see him in other things. Even great things, like one of my favorites ever, A River Runs Through It. Sorry, Mr. Skerritt. But I was highly impressionable in the 80s. And I really liked the Parent Trap franchise.)  (This sequel is not to be confused with the Parent Trap III, or the Parent Trap Hawaiian Vacation with the triplets and Brad from Rocky Horror Picture Show that were on ABC in the early 90s[?]. One of the triplets, Lisa, would go on to play Tory on Saved By The Bell.)

I feel like Heart has opened up a Pandora's box-- and it's not even their fault, for I am 100% sure that the version of Nothin' At All in PTII (oh I went there) is not by them. I don't know who it is by or anything else, and really I do not want to do any research, but I'd put down money that it is not the same version.

But, in the spirit of the super fun 80s, I really like this song.  And I will add it to Lucille 2 with pride.

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