Wednesday, October 5, 2011

GleeCap: Asian F

Oh, Glee. I'm not sure what I am going to do with you.

Better than what I am considering a veiled Kardashians as mules reference
- Mercedes' boyfriend is being all Jeanine Pettibone. (And by that, I mean she's being all Yoko Ono.) I don't agree with it, but I believe it. If I were dating Mercedes, I'd want to show her off too. +3
- Mike Chang ="Fleet-footed Ninja." +3 and then Mike called Tina out on her past stutter. +7 because I hate Tina.
- Santana calling Kurt "Jimmy Fallon's butch daughter" +5
- Brittany citing very valid points on why the boys' club system of politics hasn't worked for us thus far: double-digit inflation, economic free fall, oil spills, a war in Afghanistan.  Who says she's an idiot? Not this girl +6
- The Brittany-Beyonce Flash Mob. Anytime you feature Heather Morris dancing, you have my vote. +20
- Beiste is slipping in one-liners like nobody's business. "Stealth-attack Jones" +8 "I had to sell my prized donkey to pay my gas bill. I sold Kim but kept Khloe." +14 And she used my favorite line from Laugh In "You bet your sweet bippy." (no points on that, because if when I say it, as I frequently do, people think I'm quoting Glee instead of Laugh In, I'll get disheartened with humanity. But until then, it's a good thing.)
- Featuring Mike Chang is the smartest storyline these writers have come up with in a while. +15 And, his parents are hands down the most attractive and well-dressed parents yet to be featured on this show. +2 because this is a television show.
- Rachel has completely shed her grandmother meets little girl despite the fact that she's wearing Marc Jacobs styling, and it has done wonders for her. Her LBD from her duet/diva off with Mercedes was adorable, and then the pink dress she worked walking down the hall to talk to Beiste. I am jealous. +8
- I totally believe Will inviting Emma's parents over without her knowledge. While I don't agree with his shady behavior, it is true to character. +3

Less likely than a cast list for a musical going up with five roles listed (seriously, you guys?)
- "It's not about doing your best, it's about doing better." Woah there Mr. Schue. As I watch the transformation of Will Schuester, I am reminded of another high school teacher who transformed into a super villain. First step glitter bomb, next step Walter White am I right? (no points, unless homeboy starts cooking.)
- Will showing Emma his box-o-porn. This is the second time where Will has been a little TMI with us this season, and I'm not liking it. Keep it in your pants. -8
- We're supposed to believe that Lima, Ohio and McKinley are anti arts programs, ok, I'll hop on board. But why would they put a dance studio in the school? And have such a well-stocked auditorium? I have trouble suspending my disbelief when the ideals aren't constant. And then, why would Mike's mother have that conversation with him at the school in stead of at home? -15
- Mike Chang's t-shirt from last season's weird Born This Way debacle said "Can't Sing". He sang a song about how he couldn't sing. And now, he does a really great job on "Cool" and we're supposed to be okay with this? -10 for continuity. I'd have taken away more if Mike hadn't have said something about practicing everyday.
- I know this is a show about singing, but you need to show that in musical auditions also include acting and dancing. And, as much as I love Mercedes, and I do, she would not have fared as well as Rachel in the dancing part, if we're to believe her Booty Camp subplot. -18
- I am still not even close to believing that Idina Menzel would take a part-time teaching job. If she is so highly coveted, she'd be not even close to satisfied working with one kid, or two now. Also, we've already seen this story - Sue Sylvester leading her half of the glee kids. Are we repeating plots already? Yikes. I would advise the writers to watch the first three seasons of Bewitched. Before they even replaced Darren they blatantly plagiarized their own story lines. I do love Idina Menzel, and am glad to see her on TV, but please, give her a believably story. -20
- "Ginger Supremacists"?!?! If it had been funny, I could have forgiven it, but as it was, it was absolutely, not at all, even close to funny. -9
- I really like Coldplay's "Fix You" and I really like Matthew Morrison, but something about his version, even though it is in the same key as the original, he just sounds like a ... well,  he was whiny and not awesome. Plus the all white clothes, curtain and risers- it looked like an ad for the Gap, if they made terrible ads, or like they are trying to channel a certain amazing comedy on ABC, who frequently has their cast in all white.  -4.

Overall, an average episode with a +10. But thanks to Brittany channeling Beyonce, and Mercedes singing three times we are still strike free. 

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Melinda said...

John and I were just wondering when we'd see some of your Gleecaps for this season. We're kind of addicted to them.