Thursday, September 8, 2011

Looking forward to what the future brings.

Last night I had the opportunity of seeing a gaggle of friends from high school I haven't seen in about a decade. It was super fun to play a game of catch-up. (We literally made a game of it, each person was given a minute to sum up their life since high school, followed by a two minute period for questions. There was a timer involved.) Unfortunately for me, it was decided that I peeked on my 27th birthday. (It was also decided that my blog's url was pronounced molester, not Mollister.) Things are not looking up for Molly! haha.

On that note. One of the girls was talking about how she is being flirted with by a co-worker, and how an email from him ended with a completely-unrelated-to-the-subject-at-hand send off, "I'm looking forward to what the future brings." I do not think it is super hilarious that this sweet girl has to deal with an awkward situation, but I do think it is super hilarious that that was his chosen send off.

It is my goal to be an optimist. Or perhaps to be more vocally optimistic. And as I don't want the high point of my life to have been over and done with, I am going to start signing all of my emails to everyone, "Looking forward to what the future brings," because I am.

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Britt said...

that gaggle sounds amazing! and i will no longer be able to read mollister correctly :)

LOVE the optimism! i just ignore most of the bad stuff until it blows up in my face, then's worked really well so far.

loved our chat today. i was in traffic for another 1:15 after we hung up, but the rain never let up.

k, now this is like an email...not a blog comment.