Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why Mollister?

Today at church, whilst discussing blogs with long lost friend Whitney, I told her that my blog url is mollister etc. And like at least 16 other people before her, she said, "like molester"? No, actually, Whitney, I'm not a molester, and I am not legally required to stay away from schools or playgrounds. It's just based on a nickname a few friends gave me. Other options could have been 'Moll Factory" "Molls" "miss moll" or "hey you, girl" -- Mollister is just the name I chose many, many moons ago.


whitney allison said...

I just want to clear my good name that I am not said Whitney. I would never accuse Molly of molesting anyone.

Whitney said...

I, on the other hand, do accuse Molly of molesting people. As my most often used "nickname" is Perve. But we've already had this conversation. (: How wonderful to be blogging friends!

Whitney said...

PS- Perve is not my real nickname.