Friday, September 3, 2010

Into the Coven

Yesterday I went to EverydayMusic on the East Side. I was looking for something fairly specific in their tiny classical music section. The process of looking and finding was hindered by my being constantly distracted, if not made entirely uncomfortable, by the music they were blasting throughout the store. I simply had to use Shazam to see what I was listening to, so as to put a name to what I was hating.
Shazam told me that it was "Into the Coven" by Blood Ceremony. Which made sense since the lyrics were saying things like "witches are awesome."*
Doing a little Googling led me to their MySpace page where this is their profile pic:

Yes, I agree, that does look like a velvet cloak. And a flute. A flute in a scary** rock*** band?? Their little tag line is, "Do What Your Love Tells You To Do." They love flutes and cloaks and they are doing that! How inspiring. 
I've since been trying to figure out who would listen to this music, aside from the crazies that work at the store, and am pretty much at a loss.  But on the plus side, I know what record to buy my mother for Christmas now.****

*Not an actual lyric.
** Maybe more off-putting and disturbing than scary.
***They describe themselves as "Rock/Progressive" I would disagree on both counts, but that's really not my affair.
****This is a joke. *****
*****No it's not.  tee hee hee.


Melinda said...

Hahaha! The cloak and the flute!

Shlee said...

i remember someone from freshman year who wore/made a cloak...

molly said...

The person from Freshman year wasn't me, bytheway.