Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hands on a Hardbody.

I will forever be indebted to a republican named Bill for telling me to watch Hands on a Hard Body. It's a documentary about a yearly contest in Texas where people stand around with their hands on a Nissan Hardbody, trying to outlast and outwit everyone else.

I was looking through my notes from a few of my film classes, I found a list of my favorite quotes from perhaps the most enjoyable doc ever. (Grey Gardens and Spellbound are also contenders.*)

-"It's almost a mystical experience. It transcends the truck."

-"She started laughing a while ago and said it was the Holy Ghost. That was pretty cool."

-"It's done gone numb."

-I have a 20 ton air conditioning unit in my house, it can go to -12 degrees, you can actually freeze to death in our house."

I just LOVE that movie and the social actors in it who are so charming and delightful. I so wish it was on DVD. If you ever get the opportunity to watch it, jump at that chance.

*Let's ignore the fact that in school I wrote a paper on the exploitation of social actors in documentary films citing Spellbound, Hands on a Hard Body and Trekkies as examples.


Britt said...

aw man, i've had this in my netflix queue for years ever since you told me about it...but it's never been available :(

haylie said...

I don't know what you mean by "social actor" in this context. Please elucidate.