Friday, September 17, 2010

Five Things Friday

1. Victoria Beckham's Spring RTW look 23

I love white clothes. I love white dresses especially. Posh's dresses have always been covetable, but this one is the absolute living end!

2. Speaking of dresses... I am so in love with one of Michelle Williams' latest sartorial choices - this Jason Wu gown. As if there was room for more jealousy from myself toward Ms. Williams. Shoot.
image stolen from InStyle
3. Look Around You
When Rachel first told me about "Look Around you" I didn't understand the premise or appeal. After watching everything I could find on youtube, I am OBSESSED! Two of my favorites:

I LOVE that 8 and 9 are "CLASSIFIED". So much funny!

4. Jonah Lehrer's blog moved to a while ago, and since then I have been introduced to so many crazy things, not excluding the super crazy soala.

5. The Netflix app. Have you tried it? Natalie told me about it. I can stream movies to my phone! OUTRAGEOUS!


julianne rose said...

water water what hast thou donest...?

i'm sorry that is my hands down fave. heavens! toni showed it to me when we were at oxford. oh the brits.

Melinda said...

Those dresses, both of them, gorgeous!