Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Magnificent Obsession

Last week I watched a movie called "The Magnificent Obsession" starring Rock Hudson and the intolerable Aunt Polly - er, Jane Wyman. Let's just say this movie does not hold up after 55 years. Netflix told me I would like it four stars worth; I liked it one star worth. But, the delight of the movie comes in making fun of it a la MST3K. For example, after Jane Wyman goes blind because she was hit by a car (?) she tells her nurse that she "won't see" Rock Hudson. Come on writers. Really? She's blind. Of course she won't see him. But I digress. I remembered that in the July Vogue, there is a gorgeous, gorgeous spread called, "Magnificent Obsession" with Ewan McGregor and Natalia Vodianova - who is just about my favorite model these days, and it is styled by the amazing Grace Coddington, whom I've long admired, but adore to pieces after seeing The September Issue.

It is about an idyllic 1950s couple with impeccable taste. The wife meets a James Dean lookalike and next thing we know, she's emptying the contents of the safe deposit box into her Birkin.
And, I kind of love that Vogue doesn't mention the Birkin in their product credits, I suppose the assume everyone who reads Vogue knows Hermes. The whole lush story is at vogue.com.

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lulu123 said...

you know if the 1950's hadn't had all those oppressive gender and racial politics at play, it would have been quite an aesthetically pleasing era to live in...just look at those dresses.