Friday, July 23, 2010

Five Things Friday!

It's time for another list of five of my favorite things I came across this week! 

1. Fashionista's coverage of Berlin's Fashion Week

Mike Myer's old school hilarity. 

2.This picture from Bardot in Blue:

3. someecards!! I just love those cards - but this one in particular:
4. Whilst driving into Hillsboro, my mom and I saw this sign, and were both a little confused.
 We aren't sure who actually possesses the convenience store, is it Lu, is it Etta? Maybe Etta is a silent partner, who isn't as silent as Lu would like? Maybe it was Etta's and Lu bought it? Or maybe, Lu's name is Lu'setta, and they just couldn't afford to have all of the same sized font for such a long name? Whatever the story, I sure think this is funny.

5. Wednesday's Democracy Now was all about hidden chemicals and substances in cosmetics and the lack of regulation in the US. Pretty interesting. They told us to go to Cosmetics Database to check out the hidden, and unregulated dangers in our favorite products.

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