Friday, July 9, 2010

5 Things Friday!

I've received plenty of very welcome complaints and comments about my lack of blogging - especially about Africa. So sorry, I've been super involved in a few projects and it some how became not a priority at all. Plus, trying to sort through all of my pictures, it is quite an intimidating task. But I will try to rectify.

But until I do, here are five things I'm coveting and loving this week.

1. I have long been a fan of Elle Decor South Africa and their blog. Whilst looking through some old posts I found these amazing, amazing lights.

2. After following a trail of clicky clicky links, I stumbled on to these two kids on Martha Stweart's website, and am convinced this is the PERFECT dress - I'd like one in every color please.

3. Man Shops Globe showed this during the show - how amazing, amazing are these pieces??

I got Season 1, disc 1 last Saturday from Netflix, and have watched disc 1 and disc 2 in rapid fire succession, and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the postman with disc 3. This show is so well written, and so compelling. It is addictive and amazing. Plus, I love that Rose Byrne.

It is finally, finally hot here. For the past week, the sun has been shining and air conditioners have been blasting. It was rainy and cold up until Tuesday, despite our early glorious spring - we've been robbed of some vitamin d up in these parts. But at long last, our old friend Mr. Sun is out and doing its job. So I'm going to revel in it while it's here.


Britt said...

i've missed you via blog! i have no life now (school has sucked me dry) so blogging/facebook/email is the easiest way for me to keep in touch with my besties.


Melinda said...

I saw that dress to and was smitten at first sight!

lulu123 said...

a few things.
#1 i once saw rose byrne at the salt lake airport. she was very pretty in real life, but very thin. maybe because i working at an eating disorders clinic at the time, but i was a little concerned for her.

#2 isn't timothy olyphant somewhere in 'damages'? i have crushed on him since his guest starring stint on 'satc' and then 'deadwood' pretty much made me want to have his babies.

#3 you would look really cute in that dress. in every color but especially blue.

deanna said...

those lights ARE amazing