Friday, February 12, 2010

it was all yellow.

I am 12 buttons away from finishing a horrifyingly ugly bright yellow shirt dress for someone (bitterness alert: I will NEVER ever sew anything for a member of my family ever again.) which took about 15 hours longer than it should have, and far too many mumbled swear words for me to have a clear conscience. (It would have been far worse had I not figured out how to use Tim Gunn's amazing buttonhole foot.) I have never, ever liked yellow, especially in its brightest form, and after this very embittering shirt dress experience, I thought I would be forever turned off of the idea, until I saw this:

While I would prefer it in another color, I think this is an amazingly gorgeous piece of furniture, and I think I might like yellow more than I did earlier today.
(Although, I'm sticking to my statement about saying no to sewing requests.)


Michael and Natalie said...

Can we please, PLEASE see a picture of the shirt dress?

lulu123 said...

that is a rather lovely settee i must say. and would you make me a shirt dress? any color of your choosing.

deanna said...

I'm not sold on yellow yet.