Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cinematographer for feature film

I found this job posting today. It makes me so sad I'll be out of the country for most of May...SHOOT. Sounds promising.

20 day shoot in May. Must have own equipment. Prefer two cameras. High def digital. Collaborative attitude. Fun project.
Identical twin sisters, one a lingerie model and the other a nun, must trade places. The lingerie model has an urgent need for medical treatment but no insurance or savings and the only way her sister can help is to trade places and let the Catholic church pay for the surgery. Double happy endings.
I'm working on a $25,000 total budget. The twins are SAG and must be paid $100 a day up front plus expenses. I would like to pay more, but think $150 to $250 a day is the total I can afford to pay.
For the right person, I can work around your schedule to some extent. For instance, if you shoot weddings on weekends I can have almost all the shoot days be during the week.

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