Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crafty friend dates.

My friend Adrianna moved to P-town a few months ago, and we've been partying like it's 1999 ever since. In fact, we've instated something we call "friend-dates." Tuesday and/or Thursday nights are spent being fabulous. Sometimes we watch movies, like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and eat frozen yogurt. Last Tuesday, we made throw pillows to give Adrianna some much-desired sewing experience, and make her future task of redecorating a bachelor pad slightly easier. We made these:

Then Thursday, we went to the GREATEST fabric store around, BOLT, on NE Alberta. Small, but ample enough, Bolt has an amazing selection of trendy and beautiful prints. Adrianna bought some fabric for curtains and a couple more pillows, and I got fabric that will be an adorable summer dress very soon.

Last night Birgitte joined us and we baked some macarons, because they are trendy and popping up everywhere, and we had never had one.

We made strawberry, mostly because we wanted to make pink ones. They are pretty yummy. Want one?

Then we spray painted something for her upcoming nuptials and planned out Thursday's line up - three more pillows out of the Bolt fabric.


Michael and Natalie said...

For someone who has never made macaroons before, those turned out VERY well. Good job!

exclusive_remedy said...

Yes, I do want one of those tasty looking thingys! Adrianna is going to get a stern talking to about not sharing!

exclusive_remedy said...

Oh man, after leaving that comment I asked Adri about the macaroons and she still had a few so she shared with me. Sooooooo goooooood! Amazing. I am totally going to copy that recipe and try it sometime! Thanks Moll.

molly said...

And I told her not to share... shoot. ;)