Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rocket Science

In one of my film classes, we started talking about Napoleon Dynamite, because, let's be honest, we all knew Jared and Jerusha. My beloved professor said, I think people either love or hate Napoleon Dynamite. I am not one to be very vocal in class, but apparently, my face betrayed me (shocker) and my professor looked at me and said, "you don't agree?" "Well," I stammered, "I liked it, but it's not a movie I'd watch over and over again. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone I know, but I did like it. And, now that it has taken over the world, I am getting increasingly sick of it and all of the 'Vote for Pedro' shirts."

So, being the person who still is lukewarm about Napoleon Dynamite, I have a movie recommendation I am equally lukewarm about. I watched Rocket Science last night on DVD and enjoyed it in the same way I enjoyed Napoleon Dynamite. But, in Rocket Science there's a cute boy, Nicholas D'Agosto, and it's written and directed by Jeffrey Blitz, the man behind the awesome doc, Spellbound. It is a nice little story about a high school aged stutterer who joins the debate team for a girl.

Not to be a spoiler, but I have to share a couple of quotes that I literally laughed so hard at.

Earl Hefner: (to his stuttering brother) I swear Penelope, I don’t know what you would do without someone in this family who could steal and then organize.

High School Counselor: (also to the stutterer) Get out of your own way here, man. Go back to living how you were before you tried to exceed your limitations.

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Britt said...

i'm also likewarm to napoleon.