Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Have You Heard?

The change of seasons always brings a change in my musical moods, and I have some suggestions of new releases for you to usher in the days getting longer!

1. Little Jackie - The Stoop. Little Jackie wants to be a Star. Do remember this Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam hit from the late 80s? Well, Imani Coppola did and decided to name her new group after it. My uncle told me to check them out and I can't get over how delightful this cd is. My uncle was right, yet again, not surprising. It is a really great blend of hip hop vocals and old school soul/R&B arrangements. *My favorite track: "Liked You Better Before"

2. Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You. I love so many of the ladies from the UK scene, ok, mostly Lily and the exceptionally well-coiffed Duffy, and I love the revival of the old school sound. This album is so much fun. I am not sure how many genres are channeled on the album, but there are a lot, and all of the tracks are infectious and super diverting. *My favorite tracks: "Chinese", and "F**k You"

3. M. Ward - Hold Time. Everyone loves M. Ward. To know him is to love him. Check this out. *My favorite tracks: "Never Had Nobody Like You" and "Rave On" - He does such an awesome job on this cover. I LOVE IT, oh and Zooey Deschanel also sings on both of those tracks, so I might be influenced.

4. Loney, Dear - Dear John. It is safe to assume that if a band hails from Scandinavia, I will love them. From the Hives, to Teitur, to the Shout out Louds. The same holds true for Loney, Dear. They were opening for Andrew Bird, and let me say, there is now a lot of love. It's a little bit more melancholic than the other selections, but pretty great. *My favorite track: "Airport Surroundings" - I have a soft spot for synthesizers.

5. Andrew Bird - Noble Beast. My friend Beau said that this was Mr. Bird's most accessible album, so if you've not liked him before or have never heard him, Noble Beast might be a good train to hop on. I am not a good judge of accessibility, but since Beau said so, I believe it. Trust Beau, and like Andrew Bird, because he's AMAZING, and he whistles! *My favorite tracks: Fitz & The Dizzyspells, and Anonanimal, but if you're looking for "accessibility," check out "Oh No" it is as charming as Andrew Bird is.

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