Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mother Chuck-er!

I have admitted before that I watch Gossip Girl. I feel no shame in this, because I don't actually really like the show most of the time. I watch it socially. And hello, beautiful clothes, (except on Jenny).

Last season, my friend Becky would always say how much she liked Chuck/Ed Westwick. I thought she was crazy! He dressed REALLY well, but I was just not feeling him. (My choice was Rufus, or as you probably know him, Captain Spiers from Band of Brothers.) Then I saw Son of Rambow and liked Ed Westwick in it, but still not digging on him past his wardrobe. Second season of Gossip Girl came with Chuck having longer hair, and this was a huge improvement. Then Bart Bass died, and BOY HOWDY did I fall for Chuck! For the three episodes following Bart's untimely demise, Chuck was crazy angry and drugged and oversexed. I have since become mildly concerned over my poor judgment - but only mildly, especially considering a large portion of the female population is obsessed with a fictional vampire. Chuck/Ed Westwick resident brooding bad boy on the CW is just a trashier version of Wuthering Heights' brooding lover, Heathcliff, alleviating me from feeling any sort of insecurity about this attraction. AND, Wuthering Heights has been voted the best love story ever by the New York Public Library and The Guardian, so aside from my weekly viewing of a show on the CW, I'm ok. (This has just sparked an idea, a modernized twist on Miss Bronte's classic, a la Clueless, with Ed as Heathcliff. I will make so much money!) (And no I didn't call Emily Bronte "Miss Bronte" because I couldn't remember which sister wrote it, thank you very much.)

To my excitement, there was a little article on him in this month's Teen Vogue, (No I don't subscribe.) (Yes I do.) with a photo of him looking all attractive. I was going to post it on here for Becky, but lo, guess what I found in Harper's Bazaar.

You're welcome, Bex!

P.S. How hot is Helena Christensen? Does this remind anyone else of the super hot GQ spread with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Claudia Schiffer?

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