Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Molly the Grouch.

This may strike some of you as a falsehood, but I can be patient and kind, and I am really, pretty good with kids*. I always know when I'm grouchy that I need to be extra patient with the kids. They are going through this Barney "Imagination Island" phase** which is driving me crazy. I hide the video, convince them we should play with legos, play doh, crayons, or go "on a walk" on the treadmill downstairs (all four of us at once, it is hilarious) but today they found it somewhere, and so I decided to let them watch it for a little bit.

I knew I was grouchy when Shawn, the obnoxious red haired kid, sang something about how he hoped an elephant wouldn't step on him, and I responded, you're the only one, kid. For the rest of the day I tried really hard*** to be patient, and it worked out really well. Then, during nap time, I hid the video again. Let's see you try to find it this time, kids! [insert evil laugh here]

*except for 7-13 year olds, I just don't like them.
**in their defense, it's not really a phase, they like Mary Poppins and Charlie & Lola a lot more than Barney. Barney is a sometimes thing.
***Shawn is much more obnoxious than my three friends.


Britt said...

you must be the best nanny ever. oh, and i also hate that age group. kids should just hibernate for awhile. also, i would like photographic evidence of this "walk" you take.

deanna said...

Today I want to give everyone one million punches in the face. Good thing my new job in OK begins TOMORROW!