Monday, February 16, 2009

The Life and Death of a Crush, or Just About Par for the Course.

It's silly how we met, no? Driving down 26, I noticed your car. I have a thing for Karmann Ghias, did you know that? That will be something we laugh about years from now. In a flash, I remembered that episode of Ally McBeal when she ran into a guy's car just to get to talk to him. She certainly had balls. (Just so you know, I like your car too much to ram into it on a freeway.) Instead, I sped up a little to promote a little eye contact.

oh. molester 'stache. deal breaker. Have a nice day, sir. By the way, I like your car.


Britt said...

fastest heartbreak ever?

deanna said...

maybe you could deal with it?'s facial hair february.

haylie said...

Um, I love you. The end.