Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And now I will impersonate Dorothy Kilgallen*

For some gossip:

For real, Christian Bale?

Why I might see he's just not that into you. So funny!

Remember when the Academy Awards were so desperate for viewers they started coming up with the lamest ideas ever?

And can I just give a shout out to S for turning in that creepy teacher that is having a Mary Kay Letourneau relationship with Lonely Boy? What a slut. Too bad that story line is going to be milked for a few episodes. Bring back Chuck & Blaire!

*Dorothy Kilgallen was a journalist who had a Broadway gossip column and got into lots of feuds with lots of people. She covered serious things too, and was killed because she was about to divulge information on JFK's assassination. Talk about a scandal.


julianne rose said...

this comment always makes me cringe with ridiculousness: "He is so dedicated to the craft."

i'm sorry, i just can't take it seriously. and really, i am very disappointed in christian bale. c'mon, man - flashes of "you're turning into a f*in' nazi!" "oh so what if i am?!" are going through my head. oh christian. just be cute and sing suo gan again.

julianne rose said...

oh and that 'he's just not that into you' video made me chuckle a great deal :) i love the "head falling into frame and landing on pillow" shot. and the crying while sliding down wall. hehehehe

deanna said...

your blog reminds me of this blog.


It's like deja vou with a twist of Molly. Love you.

molly said...

remember when deanna's link's two most recent posts were my most recent posts? CREEPY.

beckie said...

The vidoe, so funny. My fav part "There is no one saying at first it was a bet but now I really do love you." Awesome, I'm sending this to Steve