Monday, August 5, 2013

Live every week like it's Shark Week.

The other day I got a voicemail from a guy one of my friends has recently started seeing (whom I have never met) asking me for help with an activity for church. It took me a few days to call him back and when I called him back tonight, we had a super awkward ... entertaining conversation.

Things went awry straight off.  During the initial pleasantries, when I asked how he was doing, he answered "It's Shark Week, so..." So....what?? Unfortunately I don't feel I have enough information to infer anything from the fact that it is Shark Week. Then he brought up this dance, and how much he liked to dance, and I responded, "Are you asking me out?" Friends, he. was. not. When he brought up that we had met at the YSA conference a couple weeks ago, I admitted to having no idea who he was. He told me of when we "met"- not an actual introduction or conversation happened. No wonder I had/have no idea who he is. He then brought up my friend with whom he is spending some time, I went on to praise her and suggested that he 'lock that down.' He laughed an uncomfortable laugh. I knew it was time to cut and run. I told him I would help him with the activity for church. He then instructed me to put his number in my phone - as though I will need it in the future. I hung up and wondered if it was actually Shark Week and what that might mean to me and my life. What adventures are in store for this week of weeks? I have no idea, but I am all pins and needles--not unlike the underwater cameramen inside the metal cages in the chummy water filming the swarming sharks for the Discovery Channel. Maybe it is this kind of excitement of the unknown that this man was talking about when he said, "it's Shark Week, so...." I think I have missed the boat (pun intended) on Shark Week up until now.  But not anymore! No sir. I'm going to do just what Tracy Jordan told me to from now on.

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