Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blue Valentine & The Halo Effect.

About a month ago, Shara and I went to see Blue Valentine on a rainy Saturday night. It was a pretty interesting experience. I am not going to be a spoiler - but everyone already knows that it's about a couple who is trying to decide if they like each other anymore.

Without going in to too much detail, I wanted to share that a few days after the fact (we needed some time to digest the movie) Shara and I were talking about how we were both feeling like the deterioration of Cindy & Dean's relationship fell primarily on Cindy's shoulders. I thought we were just being harsh on our own sex because that is what women do, but Shara brought up that we might be siding with Dean because we think Ryan Gosling is more attractive than Michelle Williams.  Then I thought of the halo effect, and wondered if because I think Ryan Gosling is excessively charming and adorable I am being more forgiving of Dean's flaws, and the fact that Cindy saw him as a negative emotion contagion. Except for maybe the heinous eagle sweatshirt.



Britt said...

so interesting. i REALLY want to see this movie, then i can digest it and jump in on the conversation.

Shara said...

For the love, the sweatshirt! You would post that picture. I was hoping never to see that eagle again :)

Jan said...

i wanna know if you can buy this sweatshirt somewhere! if someone knows: