Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Decades is making me greedy.

Well, that's actually a lie, I've always been greedy, but Decades is a store that I dream about. I follow their blog religiously, and drool over all of the true vintage delights they post. From the 50's Dior to 70's Halston, shoot, even the early 90's Chanel they've posted recently make me weak in the knees. But nothing brings more self-loathing for not having a life path which involves income of any real quantity than when they post their Hermes finds.

It's no secret that I am a girl who drools over some Hermes. Ever since I found my Kelly it has been my day bag C.O.N.S.T.A.N.T.L.Y. and I love it!! Whenever I bump in to someone who knows what exactly is on my arm, mostly the clerks at my favorite vintage stores and some mother at my cousin's high school graduation who had an orange Birkin on her arm, it is so fun to be like, "yes, I own a this bag." But it's not about that, really. It's about quality, simplicity, beauty, and perfect design. I love me some Hermes!

So when Decades' blog posted an Hermes doctor bag from the 1960s last month  I fell in love.  Then last night, when they posted a Kelly clutch from a couple of years ago, I knew I was in trouble.  I didn't even know that these bags existed.

I need a new business plan - or maybe just one at all - so that I can add the ideas of these little beauties to my life list.

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