Friday, August 20, 2010

Five Things Friday

 It's time for another five!

1. This cover of Life Magazine that I saw in Sweet Dee's apartment on Always Sunny. Kind of thinking I need it on my wall.

2. Kelly Ripa's Fashion Finder - Now I never have to suffer through any of Regis to learn what the delightful Kelly is wearing - that's a good thing!

3. Levis Pioneer Sessions - My friend Deanna emailed me about these free and delightful songs months ago - I promptly downloaded a couple, and then have subsequently downloaded more and more, and they add songs all of the time. How I love Raphael Saadiq's version of "It's A Shame" - he's come a long way from Tony! Toni! Tone!

4. Sticks and Bricks - I LOVE THIS BLOG! I emailed Liz aka Carpenter Ant a while ago about how she learned to wield a router and hone her craft so magically and she was as nice and informative as I could have hoped for. Such a sweet and talented lady. I am constantly inspired by the transformative power she harnesses on pieces that need a lot of love.  i.e. this before and after:

and this dresser with beautiful routed flowers:

5. Hermes' j'aime mon carre - because you know I do!! I love that Hermes is going for the younger crowd, and gunning hard to make scarves popular again. I'm there, Hermes, I'm there (with my Kelly in tow!)

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deanna said...

aww...I love sweet tunes
I love you more