Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Before & After: shutters

We happen to have a small truckload of shutters in our attic, just waiting to be utilized, to replace the beige and grey metal mini-blinds that came with the house -- EEK! The problem is, these shutters are a little past their prime, and not the right sizes. With a little creativity, a table saw, biscuits, glue, a clamp and some paint and primer, one of our windows is transformed from grey non-functioning metal to charming painted shutters.

Before: the shutters were a little loose, very dirty and aged.

After: they have a new lease on life, and a whole new sense of purpose and functionality.  And thanks to the hinge I attached, it opens up all the way, letting light stream in.

One project 100% complete - now to finish up the rest of them.


Britt said...

WAY TO GO! I loves it.

Shlee said...

you're a genius. i would hire you if i had money! i'm glad we're friends.