Monday, July 27, 2009


There are about a million things that I've been meaning to post here for your enjoyment, and mine, but I've been crazy busy these past couple of weeks. One of the main things being posting more excerpts from my travel journal, because some of those are super funny or awkward, but until I have ten minutes together to collect a few more of those, here are two anecdotes for you to mull over.

Last week we had a woman in to try to sell us windows, because we desperately need new ones. Within the first twenty minutes of being in our home, she shared her entire employment history, told us when and why her husband left her and her two children, and that her autistic daughter once almost bit her nipple off while she was nursing. She then proceeded to describe the shape of her nipple post the biting incident. She stayed and talked incessantly for 4 hours.

And we did not buy those windows.

Last weekend I went down to Salem to hang out with my dear friend, Analee, and we went to the Salem art fair something or other. At this fair, there was a band playing. The band was fine, but what made it so strange was the lead singer/harmonica player started talking about getting a cinnabon, dousing himself in the scent, and then going to pick up on chicks outside of the Lane Bryant. Classy.

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Britt said...

AND you were g-chatting with Britt; you totally forgot that part. I'm really glad you guys didn't buy anything from her. Too bad she knows where you live :)