Friday, July 31, 2009

An open letter to So You Think You Can Dance:

Thank you for bringing back Will, Twitch and Joshua last night! I would like to encourage you to do it as frequently as you desire, in fact, go against your better judgment and bring them back for the remainder of this season, because now that Janette an Ade are gone, I kind of don't care who wins. Thanks!

As an aside, I saw this description of last season's gang, "Thursday night's "So You Think You Can Dance" brought back last season's dancers to perform the four Emmy-nominated routines. What a treat to see last year's faves return! Will now has dreads, Joshua shaved his head, Katee is smokin' hot and Jessica was better than I remembered."

I have to say, that is EXACTLY what I noticed last night as well, although while that blogger said "Will has dreads" I thought, "Wow, Will looks GREAT!" and when he said, "Joshua shaved his head" I thought, "Wow, Joshua looks GREAT!" and when Twitch was on the show I thought, "HOLY HELL, TWITCH IS SO HOT!"

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