Thursday, May 28, 2009


I love, love, love music videos. And, I love, love, love Regina Spektor. Since this video appeared I've watched it a bunch of times because I love the song and am all pins and needles for the new album to come out. What I love most about this video is the Dogme 95-ness of it, but because it is so home-made and simple it isn't at all cliche. Those quirky kids went back in time, they skipped Cinema Verite and went straight to Kino-Pravda, although she is Russian, so why am I surprised? In an MTV world, this astounds me! You can see what order they shot all of the shots in because you can trace the shadows and the different light temperatures because the sun is starting to set and they didn't adjust anything. I also really like that her eyebrows aren't symmetrical and that she looks both ways before crossing the street.

Dance Anthem of the 80s

The album drops June 23, when I'll be away, but as soon as I get back on American soil in July, it will be mine!!!

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deanna said...

on American soil again? uh wha? fill me in please