Thursday, May 21, 2009

I can make an impact. I can.

Ali judges me subtly for my obsession/fascination with Grace Kelly. She says things like, "I just don't understand your relationship with Grace." I'm not sure what it is, really, either, (at least not specifically), but if you were to come into my room you would see traces of Grace everywhere. I have framed pictures hanging in my closet and one on my dresser, and a shelf entirely dedicated to coffee table books (9) (including the book she wrote on flowers and gardening), biographies (6) and DVDs (10) of her movies and a few tv appearances. I have been obsessed with her for many, many moons, and have made it a goal to watch all of her movies - and I've succeeded over the past decade except for one. Green Fire (1954). The bane of my obsessive existence.
Apparently, Grace hated the script and didn't want to make the film but only agreed to do it so she could be loaned out to Paramount to work with Hitchcock again, and subsequently hated making the film as well as Stewart Granger (just look how she's trying to get away from him on the Spanish language version of the poster). It's also supposedly a really mediocre-at-best film, but this does not change the fact that it is the one Grace Kelly movie I've never seen. I've even watched the ballet documentary she narrated in 1982.

About six months ago I discovered Now, despite my loathing of Ted Turner and how he now owns, among everything else, just about all of the movie rights to every movie ever made, I love the channel and the website is delightful as well. On they have a suggestions page, where you can post requests for movies. So, for the past six months, every couple of weeks I've been going on and requesting them to play Green Fire, because it is out of print and I am not about to spend $40 for a VHS of a mediocre movie. And today, when I wandered on the site to request it again, guess what?! It is now scheduled to play July 28th at 1:30am (July 27th, 10:30 pm pst if you want to come over and watch it with me)!! They've answered my pleas and I am thankful. Now, the only trick is to set the DVD recorder for the right time, unlike the time I set it to record Two Women (1961) for Ali and accidentally set it for pm instead of am.* I still feel rotten about that. (But then I found that it is on DVD, so we're not entirely out of luck with that one.) So, at about 12:10am on July 28th, I'll be able to cross another thing off of my beckie-inspired list of things to do before I'm 30 list!

*This is not the source of Ali's hostility over my obsession with Grace, because her below the radar, quizzical expressions started long before that happened. Although it might be the source of some other hostility.


deanna said...

Before you're 30...yikes. That's so far away for us!

beckie said...

I'm glad you have a list too!

I will DVR the film, watch it, save it and make sure you get a chance to see it before I delete it. If you want, you can come visit and we can have a party.

lulu123 said...

there is no deep seated hostility towards you in any form...i love you. i even love grace, just not like you do. although perhaps i do love you as much as you love her.

Britt said...

be the change you want to see in the world...or TMC