Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Power of Positive Thinking

My mom is the kind of person who wins everything. I am not. My mom told me that she just decides that she wants to win the raffle, or whatever it is, and she does. Before you think, "new age feel-goodery" let me tell you, you are more cynical than even me. Perhaps you should engage in a paradigm shift.

I am getting better at utilizing positive thinking in my life. Long anecdote short: I decided I would find good and free parking on a rainy Sunday evening outside of the Keller auditorium before "Wicked" and I did. In an area of town, where non-garage parking spots are scarce, I found an AMAZING spot directly outside of the Keller, and I didn't even have to circle the block. I usually have great parking, because I decide I want a good parking spot.

I love to cook. But I LOVE to bake. When I went to a technique class at Williams-Sonoma last weekend, they announced they'd be holding a raffle and that the winner would receive 10% off a Kitchenaid mixer and/or an additional 10% off a set of their goldtouch bakeware set which they were running a special on. So of course, I decided that I would like to win this discount, because I have wanted both of those items for a long. Of course, I did win the discount and decided I'd only buy the Kitchenaid. My mom, who is not someone who spends money frivolously, talked me in to buying the bakeware also, so I did. I'm impressionable and have disposable income, what can I say?

So, in order to justify my impulsive purchases, to try to be cool like my friend, Rachel and to make my mom and my friend Brittney happy, I'm going to do some more food posts on this blog. If you don't like that, I'm sorry, but Brittney wants me to. So I will.


Britt said...

I can't wait!

julianne rose said...

i like it!

holy crap that's going to look good on a hat.

deanna said...

for reals. I used to walk up to a contest and say, "Time to win, deanna." and the boy I dated would say, "I can't win. There is no way." Who do you think won?