Friday, April 3, 2009

Dusty Springfield.

What to do on a Friday night when my plans for the night ended at 10? Why, post ridiculous things on my blog of course!

I LOVE DUSTY SPRINGFIELD! I grew up listening to a lot of her, not because my parents listened to her, but because I saw her albums in my mom's collection and would climb on the piano to put the record on the player and carefully put the needle on my favorite track then hop down and dance and sing like a smaller version of today's Molly. Fact: If they didn't want me to climb on the piano, perhaps they should not have put the record player on top of the piano. Fact: If they didn't want me playing with the record player or the records themselves, perhaps they should only have had Nicolette Larson and the Star Wars soundtrack at Molly eye level, I surely would have left them alone, but when I see that eyeliner I'm going to listen to the records. (I also did this with the South Pacific soundtrack and Lionel Richie. I thought the latter was SO COOL because of the covers of Can't Slow Down and Dancing on the Ceiling.)

I think because it is so catchy, Wishin' & Hopin' was an early favorite of mine. I distinctly remember when I was in preschool, my mother saying, "You know this isn't really a good way to get a guy, right?" (Also in preschool, I loved "Tell Me Lies" by Fleetwood Mac. One day in the carpool to the babysitter's house it came on the radio and I started to sing. Some other kid's mother said, "Lying is wrong. We shouldn't lie to people, or want people to lie to us." and I replied, "It's just a song.") I recently downloaded a bunch of Dusty's songs I didn't have, and low and behold, I found some new-to-me versions of one of my old faves.

Now for your listening enjoyment, Dusty singing Wishin' and Hopin' in German:
"Warten und Hoffen"

And Italian:
"Stupido Stupido"

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